does this sound like you?

you sit down to create content but just get sucked into scrolling and then are not sure what to post for your own business

you want social media to feel FUN and exciting and something you look forward to doing for your business! 

it takes you what feels like hours to create content but then it falls flat- not getting the engagement you were hoping for 

you feel like you don't have a clear plan as to how you want your business to show up on social media so you just wing it

you're overwhelmed by all the features / tech and feel like you can't keep up 

you REALLY want to grow your following and make more money this year

you post but you don't see an increase in sales or followers 

you post but you don't see an increase in sales or followers 

I know what it’s like to build from the ground up. It takes patience, grit, dedication and a lot of time. Time that we often don’t have- because running a business is likely not the only thing you have going on in your life.

When I was building my first business I was used to wearing many hats. I was the buyer, the bookkeeper, the janitor, the cashier, the salesperson and yes- even the social media manager. But the truth is that last role was a challenge because ten years ago there were so few resources that showed business owners how to use social media in an impactful way. 

I was basically learning by trying new things and seeing what worked. And while I was able to find success over time I so wish I had a coach to guide me along the way so I could have saved myself time and frustration.

That’s why I created the ISC membership. Because as a business owner that has been in the trenches I know that time is valuable and you shouldn’t waste any of it trying to figure out the next steps to take on social media.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for ten years. I’ve stood in your shoes as a business owner and I GET IT! 

this is NOT my first rodeo...

Go from confused to confident on social media through monthly training, group coaching and ongoing support from an experienced coach and entrepreneur! 

The ISC membership combines monthly masterclasses (so you learn the skills) with coaching (so you know how to apply those skills to YOUR business).
It was designed to take the guesswork out of social media + email marketing so that business owners can post with purpose and clarity- knowing which steps to take and when to take them. 

The ISC Membership


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Member's only gatherings, workshops, challenges, and discounts on tools to build your business


A Coach in Your Corner

I am here to help you learn, grow, stay accountable, and take action with your social media. 

THOUGHTS ON MAYBE ADDING HERE HOW THEY HAVE YOU EXACTLY? Yur boundaries...ie, I'm available on the platform M-F from 9-5 to answer your questions....etc


1 Monthly Masterclass

Join us in my curated trainings to help you learn new strategies on topics like reels, email marketing, understanding insights, hashtags and more.

There is so much to learn when being an entrepreneur. In these masterclasses, I try to make it easier by breaking down all of the tools that help you grow, one at a time.


1 Monthly Group Coaching Call

These group coaching calls are filled with juicy details on the how to in social media. But most importantly, I want you to get YOUR questions answered. These calls are live coaching with me for in the moment problem solving and learning.


Access to Our Private Facebook Community

 Our Facebook group gives support when you need it  all while making connections with fellow business owners. 

Being a business owner, especially when working from home, can feel so isolating. Good news is, it doesn't have too. Give yourself the opportunity to branch out and meet others who are experiencing entrepreneur life, just like you. 


Post, Caption + Design Templates

I have custom curated Canva design templates to make keeping a cohesive feed seamless. These tools are here to help you create without confusion so that you can take the guess work out of content creation.


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what comes with this offer

is this you?

so, I ask again...

you want...

guidance, accountability

& education

invest in your success.

from a coach who loves

to cheers business owners on and wants to

email marketing,

you want to better understand digital tools and tactics like...




paid ads,

growth, engagement & sales

you post on social media but you don't see the 

you are hoping for

Check Out What People Are Saying

real results

I wanted to create this experience to offer training and education in a bite sized way so that you're not overwhelmed. ISC allows you to become your OWN social media strategist. 

are you ready for real results?


Who is the ISC membership for?

The ISC membership was designed to help small business owners and solopreneurs become their own social media strategist. This membership is perfect for biz owners that want to learn new skills and tactics so they can grow on social media and convert more leads into paying customers. The trainings and coaching will work for both product and service based businesses in ANY industry. 


What is the benefit of working with Inspired Social Co.?

Simply put- I get you because not too long ago I was you! I’ve built three 6-figure businesses in the fashion and beauty space - both product and service based. Not only do I understand social media strategy, I also have a decade of hands-on entrepreneurial experience. My mission at ISC is to help entrepreneurs use social media as a way to get closer to their overall goals. Each training topic is carefully selected and the material that I teach is up to date, easy to understand and leaves my students ready to take immediate action- which means results sooner! There are so many benefits to working with an experienced coach in a group setting including accountability, consistency and an increase in your overall confidence. 


What are some of the masterclass topics we will learn about?

Social media is ever-evolving- and so is the list of topics I plan to bring this community! We will cover industry trends and changes (like IG updates + new features), reels, video content, understanding data, content planning and creation, email marketing tactics, Pinterest strategy, influencer marketing… the list goes on. Each month is a new topic and you will ALWAYS be learning- I promise you that!


I have a busy schedule and I may not always be able to attend classes and sessions live. Will I still benefit from this membership?

Absolutely! As a business owner myself I understand that schedules are not always predictable or the same every week. That is why I created the ISC membership to be an on-demand experience. You have access to all of the replays right after our calls so you can binge when you have time - or fast forward to key parts that you feel will be extra helpful. You will also have a chance to submit questions before our monthly coaching calls if you can’t make it on live, that way you will still get the support you need.


What if the membership does not meet my expectations? 

The programming of the ISC membership was designed to be impactful for every business owner regardless of industry and I am confident that you will take away value from the very first session. However, if you feel as though the membership is not meeting your needs you are able to cancel at any time prior to the next billing cycle.


What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of the membership we do not offer refunds. However, you can cancel your membership at any time. 


I am ready to join the membership but I also feel like I will need more support. Do you offer 1:1 coaching?

Yes- Click HERE to learn more about private coaching


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