How to connect with your audience

Think of your social media as a boutique on Main Street. 🏬

If your products / offers are your inventory…
And your feed is the storefront window…


In my 10 years as an entrepreneur one of my business ventures was a brick and mortar boutique.

I caught people’s attention with my store window- I always wanted to make sure it looked beautiful + on target with what my potential customers would want to wear.

On instagram that’s your feed- it attracts new potential followers to you and what you offer.

What you offer – both the free value you share and your products/services – get people browsing around your store. That is why ensuring that your content strategy hooks followers is KEY!

But now what? Someone found your store. They came inside. And?

Well, if this was IRL you would never just ignore this person! You would ask them how they were, how you could help, what they were specifically looking for…

And because of these questions you would be able to better serve them! If you didn’t ask why they are there how the heck would you know what to show them? You would be pulling out jeans and fancy tops when all they were looking for was a tie dye sweatsuit…

Your DMs are the KEY to creating connection and community + getting to know your audience better. To understand what they need. What is important to them. Where they want to go and how you could potentially help them

But make no mistake- DMs are not for selling right off the bat. This person that walks into your IRL store, you’re not going to pull out a sweater and say, “THIS is what you need” without learning more about them first, right?

Same thing on Instagram. DMs can create conversations, build trust + relationships so you can get to know your audience. This means you can better serve them when the time comes.

So, how can you do this? 
⚡️Welcome new followers with a DM + ask how you can help them
⚡️Ask questions in your stories that can help you uncover pain points (IE: what is your biggest struggle when it comes to…)
⚡️Use call to actions in your bio + captions that encourage followers to DM you

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