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Do you feel like IG isn’t showing your posts to ANYONE? Like your reach is super low which means you are also seeing less engagement? The good news is that there are things you can to do increase post visibility! Here are three of my favorite ways to do that… ONE – Create content people […]

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Get more eyes on your content!

Nine CTA ideas for your next post

Social Media, Strategy

I see you! You are working hard to create awesome content. You are carefully thinking about what to post, finding the best times to post and investing time and energy into hashtag research. You have a message! And you are adding value. And people are seeing it! But perhaps they aren’t interacting with it the […]

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Think of your social media as a boutique on Main Street. 🏬 If your products / offers are your inventory…And your feed is the storefront window… THEN YOUR DMS ARE THE “HI! HOW CAN I HELP YOU?” WHEN SOMEONE WALKS IN. In my 10 years as an entrepreneur one of my business ventures was a […]

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How to connect with your audience

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