How to show your customers appreciation online

I’m sharing six things you can do to show your appreciation for your community in the digital space! This is SO important! Why?

*you want your customers to feel like they are truly part of your community

*you want to retain customers and build loyalty

*you want to build trust via social proof on your digital platforms

Adding in some of these ideas on a regular basis will help build a community of loyal clients that want to stay true to your brand.

1- Share user generated content (with their permission)

*User generated content (IE- content of your customers with your product) is beneficial for so many reasons. Not only does it make your customer feel valued and special when you share it, it also is a great source of social proof for future customers to see and use in their decision making process. Always ask for permission before reposting and tag your customer so they can be in the spotlight. 

2- Highlight your client wins and successes by shouting them out or sharing a testimonial

*Shining a light on your clients for achieving success / having a win makes them feel great and can showcase the results you can help future clients get. You can do this by asking clients for testimonials directly or sharing before + afters, screenshots of messages or their story. 

3- Host a giveaway

*Giveaways are a really fun way to give back to your audience. Keep it super simple and easy to enter. Don’t ask your followers to do 10 steps in order to enter- 1-3 is perfect (IE: follow, like this post and tag a friend in the comments). These are exciting and can also lead to more visibility / follows for your account. 

4- Send personalized DMs that thank your clients

*This is something I LOVE to coach on because I really makes an impact. One to one messages can really speak volumes. Shoot over a voice message or a quick text to recent clients / customers and they will feel the love. Be sure to personalize to them (IE- mentioning the product they purchased on something they are working on with you). 

5- Create an email that shares insider tips / bonus content just for your customers / clients 

*Exclusive or bonus content that can’t be accessed anywhere else is such a treat- and makes your community of customers / clients feel appreciated. You can include a video from you, a tutorial, workbook, download, templates, a secret blog post, a recipe… whatever works for your business. Just keep it value-driven and SPECIAL just for your customer base. 

6- Send customers a coupon or offer JUST for your past customers!

*Creating an offer, sale, coupon or freebie JUST for past customers is a great way to show love and appreciation. I also like to make this something exclusive or an offer they haven’t seen before. A nice discount off or a free gift that compliments their purchase are great ways to do this.

There are so many ways you can appreciate your customers and it is a HUGE part of building loyalty! In the buyer journey the final phase is “delight + deliver” – this means that we want to make the customer’s experience with us EXCEPTIONAL even after their purchase.  

Pick a few strategies above to implement in your strategy! Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

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