My No-Fail 3 Step Caption Structure

Do you dread caption writing? Well, I have good news! 

You DO NOT need to be a great writer in order to connect with your audience via captions on social media.  

The truth is you just need to follow a simple structure where you can plug in your thoughts. I know a lot of business owners tend to skip captions or write a line or two just to have something up there. Usually reiterating exactly what people are seeing in the picture.

 This is NOT an effective method. I have a better way and I’m sharing my 3 step system below. But before we get into that I just want to dispel one myth I hear all the time… 

“But Steph, people don’t read long captions.” 

This is FALSE. Audience members who CARE about what you have to say and enjoy your content (aka- your TRUE + ideal audience) WILL read longer captions that contain VALUE. 

What IS true? That people won’t read boring captions that are irrelevant or keep saying the same thing over and over. So keep your captions fresh and exciting- here’s exactly how to do that… 

My No-Fail 3 Step Caption Structure


Opening line: How can you grab the reader’s attention and hook them? Remember- people will see JUST first line when scrolling. They need to be compelled to hit “more” so they can see the rest of what you have to share. 

A few ways you can start your caption

*ask a question (has this ever happened to you? Is it OK if I share something personal with you?)

*headline the solution (3 ways to ____, never have to _____ again, my system for ______)

*excite and deliver (I’m sharing big news with you, I can’t wait to tell you this, I can finally share…) 


Value-add copy: What can you share that illustrates your point but in a way that adds value to the reader? This is the MEAT of your caption and where you are able to add in keywords. 

TIP: Keywords are super helpful because IG acts like a search engine. The more keywords you have in your caption copy the MORE likely you are to show up in a user’s search for those keywords. 

Here is where you can…

*tell a story that relates to/reenforces your message- storytelling is super compelling and can emotionally connect with the reader

*share your tips / insight if your intention was to educate

*focus on the solution you offer by showcasing you understand the reader’s pain points.


Include a call to action at the end: What do you want your audience to do? Click a link? Save the post? Comment with something specific? We want to direct them as clearly as possible to increase the chances they will engage and take the next best action so they can continue to interact with your business. 

A few effective CTA’s:

*Double tap if _____

*Share your thoughts on _____

*Want to learn more? Click the link in bio

*Check out my stories for a better look / more details

*Tap the email button at the top of my profile to _____

*DM me to learn more

*Comment below and tell me _______ 

A few final tips… 

Captions should NOT look like one long block of text. This is really hard to read (imagine if this email had ZERO line breaks- you probably would not have made it this far). Instead, use line breaks and emojis to separate thoughts, paragraphs and ideas.  

Also- I really do love emojis and they do not look unprofessional. So don’t be afraid to use them. They really do make reading copy on a small device easier on the eyes!  

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