Stop worrying about THIS on Instagram!

I want to take something off your plate today!

And that something is focusing so much on the number of followers you see / don’t see when it comes to your social media platforms. 

Can more followers lead to more sales? They can! But only if they are the right people. And only if those people are super connected to what you share. Then YES- more followers CAN lead to more money in the bank. 

So today I am giving you permission to not worry so much about the follower count and to start looking at what those followers are actually doing with your content. 

10,000 followers means not a thing if no one is consuming what you share. And on the flip side, 100 followers can absolutely mean something if those 100 people are highly engaged! 

So, what metrics can you focus on instead of just follower count?

*aided recall



Here is how they break down:

📱AIDED RECALL (aka- brand awareness) – are you spreading the word about your brand? Are people seeing your message? This can be measured by looking at reach, shares and tags in your comments section. 

-> What to do if this metric is not on target: focus on sharing content that educates and is hyper-shareable. This can include carousels that teach/share tips, reels that inspire or are relatable or quotes that hit home for your target audience.

📱PROSPECTS (aka- leads) – are you driving people OFF social media and to a place where you can connect + nurture them? This could look like clicks to a lead magnet (like a free download or a coupon) so you can build your email list. Or it can be the number of discovery calls / consults that come from social media. 

-> What to do if this metric is not on target: get strategic about inviting people to sign up for your download/freebie/coupon (share the benefits and what they will gain from it – and do this often). Add clear invitations in stories / on posts for someone to book a call / consult.

📱TRAFFIC (aka- who is checking you out?)– are you seeing clicks to your website? Your blog? Your link in bio? IG shop sales? And is this traffic leading to more inquiries, downloads or purchases? 

-> What to do if this metric is not on target: define your call to actions on EVERY piece of content. If you want someone to visit your website- tell them! Be very clear about where they should click in order to take the next best action (IE- to shop a certain product). 

There are so many different insights you can focus on outside of follower count. Followers are just a vanity metric if you are not supporting that growth with strategic content that helps move your audience through the customer journey. 

Of course, we want to grow on social media- that is always a goal, First name. But it is not the ONLY goal or even the most important one! Take the pressure off yourself and dive into the insights above.

PS- If you are looking for more training on this topic and wish you had someone to help you apply it to your own social media account – I’ve got you! Next week I am launching a brand new coaching membership that will help you learn how to get strategic on social media in an easy and affordable way! It’s like having a coach in your pocket. Want a sneak peek? Click here to learn more! 

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