The Importance of Building an Email List

Has Instagram not worked for you a time or two? Maybe you thought it was just you? But in reality IG was actually DOWN and no one could get on? This has happened before and it will happen again!

IG outages are something that could have potentially cut into your bottom line if you are solely relying on social media to connect with your audience.  

What if you had a MAJOR launch planned for that day? Or a IG live with a special guest scheduled? Or an event you wanted to promote? And what if the outage lasted longer? A few hours? A whole day? Days?  What if your account was hacked. Or IG decided that it went again community guidelines and removed it? Or what if IG just went – POOF.  Gone! Without warning. 

Probably that last one is less realistic but the other scenarios could happen to ANYONE at any time. Why? 

Because we do not own our social media pages or accounts. PERIOD.
So if you are ONLY relying on IG or Facebook or TikTok to stay in touch with your audience I want to ask you… what happens if your account was taken down on any of those platforms tomorrow? 

How will you contact your audience? You know, the one that you worked so hard to build for YEARS? Also the one that could be gone in a second! 

If you are saying, “RELAX Steph! I have an email list- DUH!” Well, I love ya for that! But if you just said… “Should I have an email list? Do people even CHECK emails anymore?” we gotta talk! 
The short answer is yes! People do still check email. And in fact, email is more targeted  + more profitable than social media can be! 

Here are my top reasons why building an email list is a non-negotiable for every biz owner AND why it should be part of your strategy:  
*Friendly reminder- you don’t own your social media pages and have zero control over what happens to them. You need a back up method to communicate!  
*Email marketing has a return on investment of approx. $42 for every $1 spent!  
*Email visibility is NOT based on “the algorithm” (unlike social media platforms).  
*You can create deeper connection and relationships via email with your audience. 
*You can get creative, have fun and create exclusive content for your email list VIPS. Convinced you need a list?

AWESOME! Wondering where to start? I got you!  

First thing – pick a platform where you can send emails from.
I love Flodesk (which is how I am writing to you now) because it’s the same price forever.  

No matter how many email subscribers join your list (with other platforms the more emails you add, the more you pay).

You can click here to try Flodesk FREE for 30 days to get started!  

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