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Do you feel like IG isn’t showing your posts to ANYONE? Like your reach is super low which means you are also seeing less engagement?

The good news is that there are things you can to do increase post visibility! Here are three of my favorite ways to do that…

ONE – Create content people want to share! 

Are you creating content that people love to consume and share with others on the app?

Shareable content can be educational, inspirational, or entertaining. The bottom line is that it needs to make your audience feel something- whether that is they learned, you made them laugh or they felt inspired. If you can accomplish this then they will be more likely to share your content with a friend in a DM, in stories, or tag somebody else in the comments. That means more 👀 on your posts!

TWO- Diversify your platforms 

Are you putting all of your eggs in the Instagram basket? While Instagram is one of my favorite platforms, it’s not the only platform that exists. Consider adding in another so that you can maximize the number of users that see your content.

My favorite way to do this by re-purposing content across platforms. I love taking reels and sharing them on TickTock or taking a caption and turning it into a LinkedIn article. This is what works for my business but your platform strategy may look different. Keep in mind you want to be where your ideal customer is hanging out.

THREE- Use email marketing 

If you’re not using email marketing in a strategic way it’s time to start! Email is such a great way to connect with your audience because there is no algorithm standing in your way.

You can grow a list of people who are super connected to your brand. Because email open rates are significantly higher than engagement rates on social media you have a greater likelihood that a user is going to consume your content and take an action from it. 

It’s easy to hate the algorithm because it’s out of our control- but there are absolutely things you CAN control when it comes to content creation – choose to focus on those! 

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