THE Question: How To Get More Followers

I get asked this question all the time… and to be honest, I hate answering it.

The question is… “How do I get more followers?”

And the reason why I hate answering it is that truthfully we don’t need hundreds of thousands of followers to make money on social media. 

You can make money and grow your influence even with a small following. I’ve done it on Facebook and on two Instagram accounts. So I know that the actual number doesn’t matter. 

What matters more is WHO is there. Not HOW MANY are there. 

So the question shouldn’t be… “How can I get MORE followers?”It should be… “How can I attract THE RIGHT followers?” 

I’m sharing three ways you can do just that in the email below (so keep reading)… but also spilling more tips in my FREE Black Friday prep masterclass I’m teaching tomorrow night. You can check that out here.

ONE: Create content that speaks to your IDEAL follower.  

Ask yourself these questions… What do they want to know about? How can you help them? What do they like to see on social media? What is their pain and how can I provide a solution?

When you know your audience really well you can answer these questions. But this means you need to fully understand WHO you want to attract. Sure, you may sell skincare. And yes, technically everyone with skin can use it. But who, more specifically, can you help with a targeted concern? Is it tired moms who want to look like they got 12 hours of sleep when really they’re running on Nespresso pods + dry shampoo? Women that have little time but want to invest in luxury products and create a self care routine?

When you can clearly identify your ideal audience you can create content that speaks DIRECTLY to them. Which in turn increases the chances of someone tapping that follow button.

And on that note…

TWO: Be sure you are creating dynamic, good quality content.

This means that you take a little extra time to get that great shot or to be certain that the photo is well lit and not blurry. It also means stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things like reels and IG live! 

You want to deliver hype-consumable, value-driven content that either educates, entertains or inspires your audience.

Here is a quick rundown of how I do that on the ISC IG account:

*Educate- I create carousel posts and reels that contain quick bites of information that can help someone overcome a struggle they may be facing on social media or give them a quick win.

*Entertain- I show up in IG stories and share what my day looks like or behind the scenes of my biz.

*Inspire- I create quote photos that are hyper-shareable that have a strong message of empowerment.

All of your content should be purposeful – don’t just post to post. Plan ahead so you can create content people love to consume!

THREE: Collaborate with other accounts

You can expand your audience reach by strategically partnering with other accounts in your niche or a parallel industry. This could look like…

*Going live and interviewing an industry expert, past client or colleague/peer.

*Hosting a giveaway with other accounts that share a similar ideal follower to you

*Share posts in your stories from pages you find helpful and tag them. By tagging them they have the opportunity to repost to their stories, which in turn can lead to new eyes on your account! 

So, I want to know… what’s one idea from above that you will implement this week? The ONLY way to see results?  Is to get into ACTION. Hit reply and let me know what you’ll be posting! 

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