Steal Amazon’s Prime Day Marketing Strategy

Unless you have been living under a rock this past week I am SURE you heard of a little something called “Amazon Prime Day.”

Andddd you may have even been like me and bought a deal or two (or three… or four). But even if you didn’t there were plenty of shoppers who did. Amazon reported yesterday that they sold over 300 MILLION items during the two day sale event. That is 100,00 PER MINUTE!!! 

Yes. Every 60 seconds Amazon sold another 100,00 items. For two days straight.

Those stats are totally mind blowing. Which is why I want to share why I think Amazon was able to create this success so you can implement similar strategies in your own business. And yes- you can totally apply Amazon’s marketing strategy to your industry / biz.

Two things that make Amazon Prime Day so successful in my opinion is that they do a phenomenal job of creating two things…

Excitement (aka what I call hype) AND urgency.

For weeks leading up to the big event Amazon is sure to “prime” (pun intended) their shoppers to buy. Here’s how they are able to achieve this:

  • Sharing sneak peaks of sale details, deals and savings on their socials and in email marketing / on their site.
  • Having brand partners / influencers share sneak peaks / their picks for the sale BEFORE the deals are available.
  • Sharing how to use items in a practical way / how to use items to make this life easier.

All of these strategies help get consumers excited BEFORE the sale even happens. This is a huge piece of the puzzle that I think most small business owners miss. They launch something without creating the hype in the ramp up period (what I call pre-launch period) BEFORE they actually drop their newest product, collection or major sale.

How can you adapt this to your own strategy? 

1. Make sure you have pre-launch content planned out. Share those sneak peeks, get your audience hyped up about what is to come by dropping hints and previews on your social media and in emails. You can also include a pop up on your website to promote the upcoming sale/launch/drop and ask visitors if they want to get email updates about it.

2. Get your brand partners involved! Whether your have pre-existing  relationships with partners / influencers or are just starting to create them you can absolutely apply this strategy! You can ask influencers to share a story about your product/sale/launch in exchange for monetary compensation (flat rate or commission based) OR for products. If you want to go a more organic route you can reach out to your BEST customers (these are your best advocates) and offer to send them a free product in exchange for promoting your upcoming launch/sale.

The second thing Amazon does incredibly well is that they create MASSIVE URGENCY! There is a reason why 100,000 products were sold every 60 seconds. Consumers did not want to wait because they knew the deal could be gone. Here are two strategies they use to do this…

  • Offering a limited number of times the deal could be used. You may have noticed that some “lightening deals” have a countdown that shows the percentage claimed. This is a visual cue that makes the consumer feel as though they need to purchase sooner than later – aka scarcity!
  • Having new deals pop up throughout the day. This also creates excitement because you don’t know what is available next but also encourages consumers to place multiple orders / check out multiple times throughout the day. If something is sitting in their cart and they add something new that they see on sale they are more likely to check out with a larger cart.

How can you adapt this to your own strategy? 

1. Create urgency by setting a short time period when the sale / launch / offer is available. Setting a start and end date or using key phrases like “while supplies last” or “limited quantity” evoke a sense of urgency.

2. Creating a bonus / freebie for your first X number of customers can help to drive purchases early on once your launch/product/sale is live.

3. Adding new sale items OR a new bonus and altering consumers via social/email in the middle of your launch/sale can boost check out rates.

This was probably one of my FAVORITE emails to write to you, First name. Sales strategy and how to apply it to email/social media is a topic I am passion about. Because we WANT to make sales on social, right?! 

These strategies will help ANY business drive revenue- no matter if you are as big as Amazon or just starting out as a brand new mom and pop.

If you are craving more ideas for making sales on social or want to learn more about these specific strategies stay tuned… I am dropping one of my most valuable AND affordable resources yet! Coming next week. Check out my IG stories for a preview and be sure to add to your address book so you never miss an update!

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